High Voltage Circuit Breaker Analyzer/Switch Timing Tester

1.Technical Parameter Service conditioninput power: 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz±10%   atmospheric pressure:86~106kpa   Temperature  -10~40ºC                humidity <=80%RHSafety performanceInsulat

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1.Technical Parameter
 Service condition
input power: 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz±10%   atmospheric pressure:86~106kpa   
Temperature  -10~40ºC                humidity <=80%RH
Safety performance
Insulation resistance>2MΩ
Dielectric strength:the power supply industry frequency is 1.5KV to the shell, Voltage-withstand 1 minutes,no flash-over and arc
Basic parameter:
Time:measuring range  4000.0ms           ratio:0.1ms
    error1, 100ms within       0.1ms±1 character
           2, 100ms more than   0.1%±1 character
           3, same period

Speed:measuring range:20.00m/s            ratio:0.01m/s
            Error: 1,0-2m/s within       ±0.1m/s±1 character
                     2,100msmore than    ±0.2m/s±1character


 measuring rangeratioerror
 vacuum circuit breaker   50.0mm  0.1mm
1%±1 character
SF6 circuit breaker  300.0mm 1mm
Low oil content circuit breaker  600.0mm
current : measuring range: 20.00A ratio:0.01A
power out : DC30~250V digital adjustable /20A(instantaneous work)
boundary dimension : 360mm(L)×280mm(W)×300mm(H)
weight: 9kg

2.Performance Features:
(1) Time: 12 features inherent Open and close time,inphase and interphase are synchronization.
(2)Re-closing: process time of each feature close-open, open-close, open-close, first open time, first close time, second open time, metal short time, no current interval time.
(3) Spring: spring time, spring times, spring process, spring waveform.
(4)Speed: opening and closing speed, maximum speed, speed waveform.
(5)Stroke: total stroke, opening range , over stroke, overshoot stroke, rebound amplitude.
(6)Current: current value and waveform graph of opening and closing coil.
(7) Action voltage: the machine provides DC30 ~ 250V/20A digital adjustable circuit breaker action power,
automatically complete low voltage action test of breaker, measure breaker action voltage value.
(1) the mechanical appplies to test SF6 switches, GIS composite appliances, vacuum switches and oil switches for all models produced at home and abroad.
(2)Strong anti-interference capability can also be easily tested and accurately measured in the case of the electric-charged bus in the 500KV substation.
(3)General speed sensor, linear sensor, rotating sensor, installation is extremely convenient and simple. 
(4) Get all the data and corresponding waveform maps of the switch mechanical characteristic after one time on/off action.
(5)Host computer can store on-site test data,buil-in real-time clock is convenient to save and record test date and time. 
(6)Host computer with large screen, wide temperature, intuitive prespective, backlight liquid crystal display all data and atlas.LCD contrast electronic regulation, power off memory.
(7)Easy to use, built-in printer,quickly print all data and atlas at any time. 
(8)Equipped with USB interface management software and data analysis, can be online with PC operation, directly save test result in U disk, can also download to various stylus, laser or inkjet printer to print test reports, make computerized field test.

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Wuhan Hezhong Electric Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in R & D, manufacture and marketing of power testing products, instruments, power industry automation systems for 20 years.We export completed set to Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Ecuador, Paraguay, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Chile such as PD test system, impulse voltage generator, temperature rising test system, transformer comprehensive test system, cable fault detect system and varies of instruments for transformer, circuit breaker, switchgear, lightning arrestor, insulator, cable, battery,SF6 gas and so on.
High Voltage Circuit Breaker Analyzer / Switch Timing Tester
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High Voltage Circuit Breaker Analyzer / Switch Timing Tester
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High Voltage Circuit Breaker Analyzer / Switch Timing Tester
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High Voltage Circuit Breaker Analyzer / Switch Timing Tester

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High Voltage Circuit Breaker Analyzer / Switch Timing Tester

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