High Voltage CT/PT Field Test System

SXFA-AV CT/PT Onsite Test System consists of:NameSpecificationQuantityCT/PT Analyzer 2.0 degree1 UnitPT Load Box100V1 UnitCT Load Box 5A1 UnitSelf Current Injection CT 2000,5A ,0.02S1 UnitSelf Boosting PT  10KV,0.02 degree1 UnitSelf Boosting PT35KV,0.02 degree1 UnitDual Regulating Controller 5KVA1 U

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SXFA-AV CT/PT Onsite Test System consists of:




CT/PT Analyzer 

2.0 degree

1 Unit

PT Load Box


1 Unit

CT Load Box 


1 Unit

Self Current Injection CT 

2000,5A ,0.02S

1 Unit

Self Boosting PT  

10KV,0.02 degree

1 Unit

Self Boosting PT

35KV,0.02 degree

1 Unit

Dual Regulating Controller 


1 Unit

Large Current Leads

2000 A*3m*1





1 Set

Secondary Current/Voltage Cable


1 Set

CT/PT Calibrating Software


1 Piece

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√  Integrated with calibrator, load box, regulator, easy to connection.
√  Secondary current to be switched by rotary.
√  External regulator and current injection could be connected to increase or adjust capacity easily.
√  Protective circuit, reliable and safe.
√  Under CT/PT measuring, the impedance of secondary circuit or the active component and idle component of admittance could be measured at any time.
√  Polarity could be indicated automatically, and auto break differential current/voltage circuit to insure the safety and alarming by sound light.
√  To be used as rectangular coordinate system AC potentiometer, to measure the AC low current or low voltage.
√  To be used with isolating PT and control unit to measure the secondary drop voltage of PT.
√  The reference CT/PT or two stage CT/PT or Inductive Divider all could be used as standard reference during measuring.
√  LCD screen, English interface.
√  40 groups CT storage, the 1% error results also can be stored.
√  PC and corresponding software could be connected to operate.
√  Build-in printer. 

Partial Specifications:

1.    CT/PT Analyzer  

√   Temperature: 5ºC--40ºC    RH:<80%(25ºC)   Altitude:<2500m

√  Supply frequency:50Hz±0.5 Hz    Supply voltage:220V±5V

√  Measuring range:

    Cophase component(%): 0.0001~200.0         Resolution:0.0001

    Flash component:0.001~700.0                      Resolution:0.001

    Impedance(Ω):   0.0001~20.0                       Resolution:0.0001

    Admittance(ms):       0.0001~20.0                Resolution:0.0001

√  Intrinsic error:

    Cophase component:ΔX=±(X×2%+Y×2%±Dx)(one degree is optional)

    Quadrature component:ΔY=±(X×2%+Y×2%±Dy)(one degree is optional)

    "X","Y"--Displayed value

    "Dx,Dy"--Displayed value

    "Dx, Dy" quantization error

    Dx=2, Dy=5

    Dial indicator: 1.0 degree

2.    PT Load Box  

√  Working condition:

    Temperature: 5-40ºC

    Relative Humidity: <80%(25ºC)

    Altitude: <1500m  

√  Rated capacity:1.25~158.75VA

√  Voltage range:20%-120%

√  Secondary voltage: 100V

√  Power factor:0.8 ,1.0

√  Accuracy:±3%±0.01VA   

√  Testing voltage:2kV

√  Rated frequency:50Hz


3.    CT Load Box

√  Working Condition:

    Temperature:5-40ºC   Humidity:<80%(25ºC)

    Altitude: <1500m   Supply frequency:50Hz

√  Rated capacity:80VA   (O-3.2Ω)

√  Measuring range:5%-120%

√  Secondary current:  5A

√  Power factor:0.8, 1

√  Accuracy: ±3%±0.0025VA

√  Testing voltage:2KV


4.    Self Current Injection CT  

5.    Self Boosting PT 

6.    Self Boosting PT

7.    Dual Regulating Controller 

8.    Large Current Leads

The max. output capacity should be well matched with booster (current injector), so that the output of regulator can be ensured 10% more than measuring range.

1000A *3m * 1

500A * 3m * 2

250A * 3m * 2

100A *3m * 2

9.    Secondary Current/Voltage Cable

10. 10 CT/PT Calibrating Software

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High Voltage CT/PT Onsite Testing System

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