CT PT Analyzer/CT PT Inspection Equipment

GDVA-405 Current Transformer and Power Transformer Tester, CT PT AnalyzerTests for Current Transformer :1. Excitation curve and parameters test2. Turns ratio test3. Ratio and phase error test4. Polarity mark check5. Winding resistance measurement6. Secondary loop burden measurement7. Error line curve test for protection CT8. Tra

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GDVA-405 Current Transformer and Power Transformer Tester, CT PT Analyzer
CT PT Analyzer / CT PT Testing Equipment
CT PT Analyzer / CT PT Testing Equipment
CT PT Analyzer / CT PT Testing Equipment
CT PT Analyzer / CT PT Testing Equipment

Tests for Current Transformer :
1. Excitation curve and parameters test
2. Turns ratio test
3. Ratio and phase error test
4. Polarity mark check
5. Winding resistance measurement
6. Secondary loop burden measurement
7. Error line curve test for protection CT
8. Transient CT parameters test
9. CT nameplate guess
10. Saturation hysteresis loop curve measurement


Tests for Potencial Transformer :
1. Turns ratio test
2. Ratio error and phase angle error test
3. Polarity test
4. Secondary burden test
5. Winding resistance test

Applications of CT/ PT Analyzer:
1. CT nameplate check
2. CT parameters check in work burden
3. CT transient parameters analysis
4. CT ratio and phase error calibration
5. PT routine test

GDVA-405 CT PT Analyzer
1Test standardsIEC60044-1, IEC60044-6, GB1208, GB16847, C57.13
2Power supplyAC220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz±10%
3Power output0.1~125V (AC)
4Current output0.001~5A(RMS)
5Power output300VA
6Max. knee voltage measurement45kv
7Current measurement range0~10A (automatically change range in 0.1/0.4/2/10A)
8Current measurement error<±0.1%+0.01%FS
9Voltage measurement range0~200 V (automatically change range in 1V/10V/70V/200V)
10Voltage measurement error< ±0.1%+0.01%FS
11Turns ratio measurement range1~30000;
1~2000 error<0.05%; 2000~5000 error>0.1%; 5000~35000 error<0.2%
12Phase measurementerror:±2min,resolution:0.01min
13Coil resistance measurementRange: 0~8kΩ(automatically change range in 2ohm /20ohm /80ohm/800ohm/8kohm)
Error< 0.2%RDG+0.02%FS Maximum resolution: 0.1mΩ
14Temperature measurement-50~100 Celsius degree, error<3 Celsius degree
15CT Secondary burdenRange 0-160ohm (automatically change range in 2ohm/ 20ohm/80ohm/160ohm)
Error <0.2%RDG+0.02%FS Maximum resolution 0.001ohm
16PT Secondary burdenRange 0-80kohm (automatically change range in 800ohm / 8kohm /80kohm)
Error <0.2%RDG+0.02%FS Maximum resolution: 0.1ohm
17PT ratio measurementRange: 1~30000, 1~5000 error<0.2% 5000~30000 error<0.5%
18Saved data groups>1000groups
19Work conditionTemperature:-10ºC-50ºC, moist:≤90%

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About CT/PT Analyzer software:

CT PT Analyzer / CT PT Testing Equipment

GDVA-405 Top-Rated Automatic Current Transformer and Potential Transformer CT PT Tester

CT PT Analyzer / CT PT Testing Equipment

 Standard configuration for CT/PT Analyzer:

Name Quantity Description
Host machine 1 
3M mask cable 2Test cable for power out and CT
10M mask cable1Test cable for CT primary connection
Grounding cable1 
Big test pliers  2One red and one black
Test gasket 4Two red and two black
Test pin 4Two red and two black
Test pliers12Three red and nine black
Short connection cable 1Including six connection terminals
3A fuse3 
Power cable1 
Accessories bag 1 
Production disk1Include Analysis application and user manual
User manual2 
Inspection report1 
Pass certificate1 

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CT PT Analyzer / CT PT Testing Equipment
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CT PT Analyzer / CT PT Testing Equipment
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